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Posted by on Aug 11, 2019 in Feature, Games, The SIMS 4 | 0 comments

The Sims 4 fully functional Tiny House

The Sims 4 fully functional Tiny House

This Tiny House is a free-standing permanent residence, smaller than the average-sized house, that is built and lived in with the intention of minimizing material accumulation and environmental impact and maximizing one’s connection to the community and the environment more broadly.

This modern tiny house is built for one person or a family of two. It is not a good solution for families with kids. The half tall second floor is absolutely functional. The hose has one double bed on the second floor, one bathroom, small, functional kitchen and a place for your sims to be creative. Your family can also enjoy the pool and the small, but beautiful garden.

Important: You need to have an activate cheat “bb.moveobjects” on

This Tiny House is using the following Packs from the game:

1. Island Living
2. Get Famous
3. Seasons
4. Cats & Dogs
5. City Living
6. Get Together
7. Get to Work
8. Jungle Adventure
9. Parenthood
10. Dine Out
11. Spa Day
12. Laundry Day Stuff
13. Fitness Stuff
14. Backyard Stuff
15. Movie Hangout Stuff
16. Cool Kitchen Stuff
17. Perfect Patio Stuff

Lot size: 20 x 15
Type: Residential
Value: § 62 883

Direct Link: Sim File Share

Gallery name of the house: THAsylum TinyHouse 1 (by LilNuggMoney)

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