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Posted by on Feb 12, 2019 in Feature, Games, The SIMS 4, Uncategorized | 3 comments

Sims 4: Homeless Challenge

Sims 4: Homeless Challenge

Since I am an absolute Sims addict and tried everything which is and isn’t possible to do in the latest Sims 4 game + expansions and etc., I decided to take a challenge or two and made the life of my sims a little bit colourful. Or maybe even mine?

Honestly, I started missing all the challenges we had for Sims 3 and so I decided to take a walk around the web, finding this fun challenge, which occurred to be a little bit harder than I initially thought it will be.

It was originally created by Aislynne on Mod The Sims.

Like Brittany Brown-Doherty is saying in her article 14 Awesome and Fun Challenges to Play in the Sims 4! “As we all know, part of playing The Sims is making sure our Sims are happy, but it’s a lot harder to do that when you don’t have the typical creature comforts.”

And this is exactly why this challenge is not quite easy to be done because you need to follow the rules which are as follow:

Make a single Sim. You can choose whatever you want, human, alien, plant, male or female. I guess choosing a vampire for this challenge would be some sort of an extremely high level and it will be so hard to finish the challenge that it will take all the fun out of it, so I do not recommend that to any of you.

There are also no restrictions about the traits you choose. You can have whichever traits you would like your sims to have.

After creating your sims, move them onto an empty lot. Here you will be allowed to use the only cheat in this challenge so you can practically make your sims absolutely poor. Remove all their existing money.

Now you have an empty lot and empty pockets. You are as poor as you will ever be. But this is the main point of this challenge. To gain up everything from the zero.

Another important rule is that your sims cannot have a job. They can obtain cash by collecting, fishing, gardening, rummaging through trash, begging other sims for money. As your game proceed, you can also obtain money from writing, playing instruments, painting, or any other hobbies.

In the beginning, they’ll have to use public toilets and sleep on park benches until you reach the part of the challenge which allows them to start building a home. Of course, you’ll need to have enough money to do that too!

As you progress in the challenge, there are mini challenges that will allow you to progress.


To have 5 000 simoleons in cash and a basic house. How you do this is up to you. After you’ve completed the challenge, if you want to continue playing, all the restrictions are removed.



– You may not move out, get married or have a steady boyfriend/girlfriend. You can have a baby, however;
– You may not get a job before the requirements are met, because nobody wants to hire you (see below);
– Collecting, fishing, gardening, digging for treasure, rummaging in trash cans, asking for loans, writing books, painting, playing an instrument etc. are permitted and can be used for making money. Use your imagination! Only regular careers are forbidden;
-You’re not allowed to build on your starting lot or to buy anything that you can’t carry in your inventory before you’ve applied for the building permit (see below);
– Instructions for changing the amount of money you have: Press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cheat console, turn cheats on (if you haven’t already) by writing “testingcheats on” and hitting Enter, then write “money ” (no quotations) and hit Enter. You have to use this cheat code when you buy something specified in this challenge, eg. a new set of clothes, or if you earn something like a domestic helper, for example. For all other purposes, you can just use the build and buy mode. If you don’t want to or can’t use cheats, you can invent your own system for this (buy trees to spend money, for example).



The following mini challenges are all optional, so if you want to have a simple challenge, you can ignore all or some of them. The rewards you’ll get for completing these challenges will make it easier for you to reach the goal, however.

Auntie Edna

Your distant relative is impressed at how well you’re doing despite your circumstances. She gives you 1000 simoleons.


– 7 points in one skill or 5 points in two different skills.

Building permit

After applying for a building permit, you’re allowed to build on your starting lot and buy furniture.


– Costs 500 simoleons.

Domestic worker

You can do household chores for families to earn a little money.


– You need to buy a set of clean clothes, cost 150 simoleons;
– You need to have at least three skill points in one of the following: * Cooking / Gourmet cooking / Handiness;
OR have one of the following traits:
* Neat / Speedy Cleaner / Mentor.


– Choose a house where at least two sims (or preferably more) live. You must show up at their door at 8 am. If they let you in, you’ll work until 4 pm. You have to cook at least one group meal, clean, fix everything that’s broken, help children with their homework and upgraded appliances;
– Your wage for one day is 10 simoleons x your skill points in Cooking, Gourmet Cooking and Handiness. For example, if you have two skill points in Cooking, three in Handiness and one in Gourmet Cooking, your wage will be 10 x (2+3+1) = 60 simoleons;
– If there is no work to do at any given time during the day, you may read a book, watch TV, play chess, take a nap on the sofa and so on. You may also eat a portion of the meal you’ve cooked. Just don’t do anything impolite like sleep in their bed or take a bath!

The community wants to help

You’ve made friends in the community and they’ve become aware of the difficulties that homeless people face every day. They collect some money and build a shelter for homeless people.


– Five friends;


– Build a shelter on an empty lot (not yours!), an ugly shack with the cheapest furniture available: a fridge, counters, toilet, sink, shower, dining table and chairs, sofa and a couple of single beds. NO stoves, skill objects, TVs, computers, fancy decorations etc. Change the lot type to “Generic”;
– You may use this lot to have a simple meal, rest, take a shower or use the toilet, but you don’t own it and so you can’t buy more furniture later etc;

A new you

You can take self-development classes, which allow you to change your traits.


– Cost 500 simoleons/trait.


– You need to use cheats to change traits: Open the Cheat Console (CTRL + SHIFT + C) and write “testingcheats on” and press Enter. Then write “cas.fulleditmode” and press Enter again. After that press and hold Shift and click on your sim to choose the option that appears on your screen “Modify in CAS”. You can now change the desired trait.

Get a job!

You may get a regular job.


– You need to buy smart clothes and a good haircut for job interviews, cost 500 simoleons;
– You need to have your own house (a very basic one is ok as long as it has walls and a roof, shower/bath, toilet, bed and fridge). The shelter for homeless people does not count!;
– You need to have at least three points in a corresponding skill (eg. culinary career and Cooking/Gourmet cooking).

I agree with the opinion of the majority of players who took the challenge that the mini challenges are unique and fun. If people think that playing by those rules is easy I challenge them to try it and see if it is easy to take care of a Sim who doesn’t have all the necessities at hand.

In my next post, I will introduce my chosen Sim and probably the first couple of steps I took diving into this challenge.


  1. This sounds like an amazing idea!! Thanks for posting c: I’m gonna try it on the new island world that came with Island Living c:

    • Yeah, it really is and somehow I can really imagine it as one very natural challenge with the new pack, which is btw something extraordinary. I am very hyped by it and I am playing since last night. But with all those odd jobs as finding mermaids and cleaning the ocean and etc., the challenge shall be more interesting. I would love to find out how it did go for you. It is very hard to finish this challenge and I should say my first try was a total failure, but I now that you say, I might repeat it by starting with the beautiful island of Sulani.

      • It’s going great for me! My sim is going to be an Artist and since there was already easels on the map for anyone to use she could build her skill quickly and make a lot of money from it – especially with the help of Aunt Edna c: I tried fishing at first but it was a lot harder! The odd jobs helped a lot as well.

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