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Posted by on Dec 9, 2014 in FarmVille 2: Country Escape, Games | 0 comments

FarmVille 2: CE – Tips, hints and cheats!

FarmVille 2: CE – Tips, hints and cheats!

Hello everyone from my beloved Co-op “Happy Farmers” on FarmVille 2: Country Escape and hello to those of you who are in need of good advice about how you could play using not only extra money, but actually play without using money at all. At least for the basic objects and quests in that game.

First I would like to give you my excuses in advance. My English writing skills are definitely not the best, so I’m really sorry about that. Since I’ll be using articles that I did found on the internet I hope there would be no problems for you to understand the meaning of the tips, hints and cheats I’ll provide for you.

This post of mine will be mostly about FV 2: Country Escape as you could see from the topic name. Very soon I’ll create some posts about the original FarmVille 2, that you could play on Facebook or on the Zynga Game web page. Of course I’ll be glad to find out about your problems and needs of a good cheat for something in this game, so feel free to ask questions or even give some advices or suggestions about the topics of my next FV 2 posts.

O.K. So in this particular post I’ll gave you information about three cheats. The first is very popular and some of you probably knows about the second one, but you should be very careful using it ’cause it could be a little bit dangerous and you should be really precautious.

But let me explain some more about each of it.

Cheat number 1 is called “Doubling”

If you purchase items from market and close your game whilst the market window is till open, the item(s) you bought will be doubled, even taking you past your barn capacity.

Cheat number 2 is called “Multiplying”

The way to multiply rare items is to work within your Co-op. If one person shares an item and everyone refreshes the market quickly at the same time, everyone can then see and purchase the same item. Each person then takes their turn to re share which multiplies rare items for everyone who joins in.

Cheat number 3 is called “Cheat time by changing your system clock”

Lots of games, including FarmVille 2, are susceptible to the infamous time cheat. Simply hop into your system settings and move your clock forward. Re-open FarmVille 2 and longer tasks will be completed. Since the game pulls from the time on your iPhone or iPad, or Android device, changing it changes your standing in the game. Whenever you get really impatient waiting on something you need, this cheat never fails.

And here comes the part where you should take care of some precautions. First if you decide to turn your clock back be aware of two things.

1. All your active tasks should be finished before you turn back your watch to the original time and date.

2. If you move your clock 2 hours ahead for example when you turn it back your global market will give you the message that it will update the information after the exact amount of time you previously moved your clock forward. So practically you will need to wait 2 hours (as I said in my example) so you could see some new stuff in global. But there is a way to beat the time glitch in this case by using some PC Emulator. Unfortunately since I’m playing on a tablet which is using Android operational system I am not capable of explaining how to beat the glitch with an IOS Emulator (I still cannot find a stable one). So IOS users I’m sorry but you will need to use the Android Emulator on your PC or you could try and find some IOS PC Emulator, but please be careful ’cause there are a lot of viruses with the different versions on the internet.

So I am using BlueStacks App Player. You could download it from their website which is here: BlueStacks App Player Web Page and install it. It is a very simple task. After you move your clock forward and play a couple of hours from you pc, the moment you decide to stop playing do not move the clock back. Just quit the whole BlueStacks Application. Since the clock of the application is connected to your main clock on your pc, the next time you get to use BlueStacks and especially the FV 2: Country Escape your inner game clock will be perfectly fine and you will not have those problems with global, cause the BlueStacks App automatically move your clock back when you shut it down.

You should know that this advice about the emulator clock glitch will not work properly if you move your clock forward for more then a day. So do not be greedy and move your clock within an 24 hours time period, no more … 🙂

Sometimes when you move your clock forward for more then a couple of hours you may have a problem reconnecting to the game so be prepared to restart the game a couple of times. But you will not loose any informations so it is a little bit annoying but otherwise it is ok.

At the end of this long post I suppose I should say thank you for reading me and I hope the information was useful for you.

Cya evryone. I’m going to play some FV 2: Country Escape now. ^_^

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