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Posted by on Apr 12, 2016 in Drabbles, English, Fanfictions, Uncategorized, YunJae | 0 comments

Drabble #1 – YunJae

Drabble #1 – YunJae

His back hit the wall. He felt his vertebrae cracked under Yunho’s weight, who as though was trying to make one piece of his smaller, even thin body and the concrete. Tears filled his eyes, seeing the ice-cold smile, that was blooming on the others face. His offender’s fingers did clench around his throat. The loss of oxygen drowned the ugly, as a croak of a raven, snickers. There was no sign of his long time ago best friend. JaeJoong stopped protesting and his body did relax helplessly. He wasn’t seeing the meaning of fighting anymore. The loser doesn’t stand a chance against the popular guy – that was the law of every school. The last thing he heard before he gave up entirely was a low whisper in his ear:

– You are mine and mine only! Do not ever forget that, JaeJoong-ah!

Credits for the fanart goes to Oumbojae at DeviantArt

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