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The Red Forest

The Red Forest

The Red Forest – Tennousei – bangtansonyeondan Bangtan Boys BTS

Archive Warning:
Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS
Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung | V, Jeon Jungkook/Kim Seokjin | Jin, Jeon jungkook/Kim Taehyung| V/Kim Seaokjin | Jin, Kim Seokjin | Jin/Kim Taehyung | V
Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehyung | V, Kim Seokjin | Jin
Additional Tags:
Alternate Universe – Vampire, Alternate Universe – Werewolf, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot
Published: 2015-09-22
Words: 3548


He was supposed to die, but before that they were planing to give him something more than just the pain.


O.K. This is me being three days at home and on a lot of caffeine, so since I was extremely bored I decide to write something short. At the end it wasn’t short and it was extremely mature, like probably 21+ so if someone doesn’t like those kind of stuffs and violence, and rough sex scenes, please just do not read. And it is not a beta version, so I’m sorry for the bad grammar and typos in advanced.

If you like then I’ll be happy to know it. ^_^

His name was Jeon Jung Kook and he was running through the forest as fast as his feet allowed him. He could hear them. The sounds of their steps, the howling, the whispered words through the wind. It was all a joke for them, some sick kind of sport. But for Jung Kook, it was a matter of life or death. He doesn’t want to end been blood bag to a vampire or fresh meat to a werewolf. It was making him feel sick even thinking about what will happen when eventually one of them catch him. Oh, no, Jung Kook wasn’t one of those stupid persons before him, he wasn’t delusional that he alone would be able to escape the supernatural creatures. He just hopes that at the end he would be so tired from the whole running that his heart will give up on him and he will collapse death on the spot.

Unfortunately, that was not part of those two supernatural’s plan. They have watched and followed him for weeks. They knew very well what the boy was capable of. They knew his story of not being entirely human. They knew what he actually was. They found out about his family long before they came into this town he was living in. Both vampire and werewolf prepared for the run. Exited of the very simple thought of the future hunt and now, everything they hoped for becoming a reality.

With every step, Jung Kook was going faster and faster. He was running through the woods like there was a chance of escaping from his hunters. His heart heavily pounding in his chests. His breathing shallow with every step he takes. Every minute of life was the last one. Jung Koook abruptly stopped running as he came into view with the end of a cliff. He looks into the face of the abyss below and couldn’t see anything except for the infinite darkness. There was supposed to be a river nearby, but at the time he couldn’t hear not even the sound of his own breath rapidly escaping his lungs, his ears deaf to the world.

A wood stick broke somewhere behind him and he turns around, but there was no one, only the endless red and black colours of the forest. He tried to slow the rapid beating of his heart, his lungs now loading themselves with air again. His vision now was sharp and scanning through the trees. There was something there, hidden from his eyes, but Jung Kook knows it was watching his every move. He made one step closer to the end of the cliff, being careful not to fall. He takes a deep breath and speaks loud enough for the two creatures to hear it.

“I know you want my blood and my flesh,” he said. “Many before you did try and now I know for sure, that there were others before me. Others like me that have been hunted and killed by both of you. Not ordinary people taken from the streets just to be another dinner. No. I know what I am, and you know that as well.” he did make a pause, looking around for any visible signs of their presence, before he continues “But guess what? You’re not going to have me. At least not alive and somehow I’m sure that you wouldn’t be satisfied with me being dead.”

With that he made one more step toward the abyss. He was not going to give them the pleasure of getting him alive. He was a child of both vampire’s and a werewolf’s kind and he was one of the few still alive in this world. His blood was like an ambrosia to them. Once they tasted it, there was no turning back. They would’ve drained him and when there was no blood left they would’ve eaten his flesh, till only the skeleton is left. That was his curse and his biggest fear, except for the storm thunders, but in times like this Jung Kook was sure even that wouldn’t make him fear as much as what was coming next. He wasn’t afraid of death. Being a supernatural himself, he wasn’t exactly a believer. So whatever was there for him in the next life, he was ready to meet it. Only one more small step and everything was going to be alright. There would be no pain, there would be no fear, there will be nothing. Jung Kook closed his eyes and let himself fall. He felt the cold wind going through his clothes and a shiver goes through his body, but then a strong grip on his wrist pulled him back to the reality. There was no fall, there was not death, only the infinite abyss of Jin’s eyes.

“Why?” was the only thing Jung Kook was able to say before his brain decide that it was time for him to faint and his eyes goes closed.

“Because I love you,” reply the man and kissed the boy’s forehead.

“No, because we love him,” said the other one who was standing tall beside them. “I can’t believe we almost lost him, hyung.”

“Don’t worry your head, V. He is safe with us now,” said the elder and stand lifting the sleeping boy in his arms. “Let’s go somewhere less dangerous than here.” he inserted already walking through the edge of the forest.

He was coming back to consciousness, his eyes heavy from the sleep. He rises a little, his lower body still on the ground and his upper supported by his hands, and look around. He was definitely still in the forest, lying in a meadow with tall trees surrounding the black earth full of red leaves that were beneath him. There was no sign of his hunters, but Jung Kook knows there were near. He could feel their presence. He didn’t try to stand, instead he falls back on the ground and puff out the air of annoyance he was holding inside.

“I know that you are there, so why not just come here and finished what you already started,” he said with frustration. “I cannot escape anymore, so just…” tears form at the corners of his eyes, but Jung Kook stoped them putting a hand on his face. “Let’s just set an end of that game of cat and a mouse.”

He put his hand back on the ground, eyes closed and tears still falling, but Jung Kook doesn’t care anymore. All he’s wanted now was for the nightmare to end. Instead of that he received a wet lick on his right cheek and a soft, but still cold thumb that caress his left one. Jung Kook immediately open wide his eyes, only to see a big, brown wolf and incredibly pale, but yet deadly handsome guy standing on both his sides. He gulped, fear radiating from every fibre of his body. “Is this the end? Would it hurt? Would it be fast or slow? Please make it be fast. I don’t want to feel the pain.” He thought closing his eyes again, not wanting to watch how his body has been ripped apart. And again he was disappointed when no pain came to him, but a pair of soft lips upon his own. He inhales being shocked by the events that occurred and a skilful tongue invade his mouth, exploring every place inside that was capable of reaching. Electricity goes through his body when cold fingers slowly caress the skin under his shirt and travels even lower. He was confused. They were supposed to torture him, to suck his blood, to tear his body apart, to kill him, not to make him feel craving for more of what he was now receiving. The lips left his mouth and made a wet path of butterfly kisses toward his jaw and then his neck. Jung Kook opens his eyes and he now clearly sees an orange haired guy instead of the big wolf that was there before. The cold fingers were now inside his underwear, catching his growing manhood in a steady grip, the thumb playing with the slit on the top of his member. He exhales a breath he wasn’t aware he was holding and straighten his neck back. His upper body rising from the pleasure he was receiving from both sides.

“Ah, hyung, don’t. Please stop,” the words barely escaped his parted lips, but nobody listens to him.

The assault didn’t stop and instead even increase. His shirt lifted above his head and thrown somewhere far on the ground. A skilful tongue playing with his nipples, that was already hard from the cold. The wetness of a mouth engulfing his cock and starting moving upon it made him moan loud and start trashing his head from side to side. When did he lose his pants was beyond his understanding right now.

“You like that Kookie? And you were just telling us to stop,” said the orange haired guy with a smirk forming on hip lips. “Relax baby, Jin hyung will make you feel good.”

Jung Kook didn’t care what the wolf has to say to him. He didn’t want them to stop anymore. Instead, he wanted more of the sinful pleasure. His fingers travelled down to grab those orange stands and pull the other back to his mouth.

“Shut up, V,” he said to the boy before crushing their lips in a passionate kiss.

Their tongues soon engrossed in a battle for dominance that V easily wins. Now he was kissing him everywhere, his face, his neck, his chests, his arms, giving him small bites, enough to bring both pain and pleasure, but never blood. Jung Kook was in absolute ecstasy, not capable to describe what he was feeling at the exact moment. There was a forming volcano in the pit of his lower stomach ready to explode. For the first from a very long time he felt at peace, no matter that his whole body was practically on fire. He was so close to coming that a smile of pure pleasure form on his lips, but instead of finishing what he was starting Jin’s mouth release Jung Kook’s member, his hand still holding a steady grip on the base of it, not allowing him to release the tension build inside. The raven haired boy protested, but his tantrum was again ignored by the others. Instead, he was manoeuvred on his knees and hands. He looks in front of him where Jin was now standing in his nude glory.

“Time to return the favour,” said the handsome vampire. “Don’t you think so Kookie?”

Jung Kook did not wait for another invitation and hurriedly take Jin’s erected member in his hand, receiving a low, guttural moan from the elder. He was giving a little cat like licks at the vein underneath when he felt a strong wet muscle around his entrance, giving it long, tentative stokes. A moan escaped his mouth and Jin used the opportunity to put a big part of his throbbing member inside. Jung Kook almost choked from the intrusion, but soon pain and pleasure mixed and make him relaxed. He was so high from what was happening to his body that he stretch his mouth open and let the vampire takes full control. Jin was pleased to see the boy’s surrender to him. His fingers entangled in the raven hair to make him still, till he was fucking him deep throat. Tears were falling from the boy’s eyes because of both the cock that was mercilessly choking him and the tongue that was now inside his hole, surprisingly getting bigger and bigger, stretching him beyond possible. Jung Kook wasn’t virgin, but this was the first time he felt that full.

Jin lessen the grip on his hair and pull his cock out of the boy’s mouth, letting him turn around his head. What Jung Kook saw there was V head deep in his clef, assaulting his entrance eagerly, like he was eating a birthday cake. The boy lets another moan, now his mouth was finally free and V lifts his head stopping what he was doing. What Jung Kook saw going out trough his lips makes him exhale.

“Did you,” he start still heavily panting. “Did you just fuck me with your wolf’s tongue? Oh, God… this, this is… was…” he didn’t know what to say or feel for that matter. It was disgusting considered that he just let a dog put his tongue in a place that even his ex wasn’t let before even that he was totally human, but on the other hand, he himself just suck the cock of a dead guy so what does that made him?

“This was what,” said V with a big box like smile on his face. “Something you did like I could say from the moans you were making there. So what is the problem? It is not as I did actually fucked you in my wolf form.” he winks at him. “But if you wish that could be also arranged.”

“Oh, shut up, both of you,” interrupt Jin, face going lower until he was at the same level with Jung Kook’s. “Beside there was no other way to prepare you for both of us and we need you well lubed and stretch, my sweet Kookie. Now, you don’t want us to hurt you, right little one?”

“Oh, God, you are… are not talking serious, right?” Jung Kook stutter not capable of believing what did he just heard.

He was still shaking his head as a no to their suggestion, when his body was lifted in a strong grip and manoeuvred into a position so currently he was straddling Jin’s lap, his face impossibly close to the vampire’s. His eyes grew bigger by the surprise.

“Hello there,” whisper Jin and catch Jung Kook’s lips in hungry and dominant kiss.

The last one moans fill the meadow and probably the whole forest as suddenly Jin puts three fingers inside of him and start abruptly fucking into his hole. Jung Kook straighten his neck back, giving it to the pleasure the vampire was bringing to his prostate. His hands connected around Jin’s neck and he starts lifting and falling back on the fingers himself, never ending his kiss with the man. The vampire smiled through their connected lips, locking eyes with the werewolf who was currently sitting behind Jung Kook, his hand lazily giving pleasure to his own cock and mouth open in slight gap.

“Why don’t you come here V,” said Jin, letting go of Jung Kook bruised mouth for a second.

The raven haired boy felt the presence of the wolf behind him and shudder. He wasn’t ready for what they were suggested earlier. His whole body was reeking of fear. Both Jin and V smelled it on him and the latter’s nose brush the boy’s neck soothingly.

“It’s fine, Kookie. Everything will be fine. I’ll never hurt you,” said V in a calm guttural tone.

“But… but, hyung,” cried Jung Kook in both fear and pleasure, since Jin never stop rocking his fingers in and out of the boy.

“Shush,” both the vampire and the wolf said.

V stretched his hand toward Jin’s neck and took his mouth in a passionate kiss. Jung Kook could see the battle of their tongues for dominance through the messy action they were performing. He felt the warmth from before building again in his stomach and began seeking for the others attention. Not that he minded what he was seeing. They didn’t stop kissing, but Jin drew out his fingers and instead of them put his own, throbbing cock on the entrance of the boy’s puckered hole. Jung Kook protest of both losing those, bringing him pleasure fingers and the fact that Jin wasn’t proceeding with penetrating him. He needed to feel full again and currently he was empty and so much frustrated, that he did the only other possible thing. Since his hands were still around the vampire’s neck, he abruptly pulls his head by the hair, receiving exactly what he aimed for. Jin unmercifully slams his whole length to the hilt in the boy’s body.

“Ahh,” screamed Jung Kook, but there was a pleasure written on his face.

“Oh, Kookie, you scream so beautifully,” said V, licking the boy’s neck and then his shoulder.”Would you scream for me too?”

He felt kisses and small licks all over his back, before they stopped at the cleft of his ass. Jung Kook was too preoccupied moaning and screaming of pleasure, head laying on Jin’s broad shoulder to even realise what V was doing down there. Then he felt the hot tongue of the werewolf licking and probing beside the vampire’s cock.

“Oh, God, V,” moans the boy, not denying the pleasure the other was bringing to him. “More, harder, hyung” he inserts without knowing to whom exactly he was talking at the moment.

The vampire’s hands circled him in a strong grip, bringing them impossibly close one to another.

“Hold still, little one,” said Jin. “It will hurt only for a minute. I promise you.” his husky voice insert soothingly.

Before Jung Kook even realised what the vampire has in mind, he felt the intrusion of the other’s cock stretching him even more. The muscles trying to prevent the assault burned and pain travel through his whole body.

“Arrrhhh, no, hyung, no… please,” the boy cried, but the wolf didn’t stop until he was fully inside.

“I told you that you would scream for me too, didn’t I?” said V with a wicked smile on his lips.

Tears were falling down on the boy’s cheeks and his hands were desperately scratching the vampire’s back, but the only reaction was a soothing “shush” from the both supernatural creatures currently buried deep in his body.

He got tired at the end. Neither of them moved, except for the butterfly kisses Jin was giving his left cheek and the small licks he was receiving on his right one from V. Eventually he stopped crying. His desire long forgotten because of the pain, but then the wolf start moving slowly and the vampire’s hand moves around his neglected member initiating the same rhythm V created.

Jung Kook was sure that the pain from the stretch would kill him. Jin’s cock was big enough and V was even bigger than the vampire’s. He could feel the blood that was going down his tights and from the pleasure on the vampire’s face he was sure the latter one could smell it. At that moment, when he was sure he’s going to die, V hit his prostate and Jung Kook saw not only sparkles in front of his eyes, but an entire path of white light spread blinding his vision.

He wanted to scream from both the previous pain and the pleasure he was receiving now, but his throat was too sore for that. His lips fall open and he closes his eyes leaving his body and mind to the feeling.

Jin saw him and smile, starting to rock his own hips in tacked with those of the wolf. After some minutes, which to Jung Kook felt like hours, their rhythm became more erratic and demanding. V grabbed his hips and start fucking him mercilessly. Jung Kook was sure there will be traces of his hands in the morning, but at the moment the only thing he was capable of thinking was the hot cavern, his tongue was exploring and the pleasure all of this was starting to give him. Jin moans into their messy kiss and the movements of his hand became as fast as the rhythm of their hips.

“Hyung, I’m so close. Please let me come,” Jung Kook begged, his voice small, even shallow from the pressure V’s hand was currently putting on his throat, preventing him from both proper breathing and speaking.

He was desperate, eyes full of pleasure and need to release himself. For a second he though he saw something in Jin’s eyes. Something darker and animalistic, and his whole body shudders with fear. He felt incapable of sustaining his climax anymore and at the exact moment he decides to give up to the ultimate pleasure, his lovers sank their teeth into the flesh on both sides of his neck. It brings him pleasure beyond everything else that night. Pure ecstasy travels through his whole body and he releases his semen on both Jin’s stomach and chests. His vision blinded for a second time. He felt week not capable of staying awake anymore, his breath coming out like a little puffs, his eyes heavy with sleep. Soon Jung Kook fully surrender to the dark abyss with a smile on his lips.

At dawn when the first sunlight touches the horizon and the moon still in the sky, there was no one to be seen in the meadow, except for the earth damp with red and surrounded by the tall trees. In the far distance there was the sound of a sad wolf’s howl and the angry whispered words through the wind, because they truly loved him. The boy, whose name was once Jeon Jung Kook.

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